Reliable and Dedicated Consulting Services

A proper and well organized software infrastructure is an asset to any business, and at Aquanet Computer, we take every effort to equip your business with sophisticated IT solutions. We focus on helping your company grow and succeed in the competitive business environment by supporting with quality technological solutions. Our computer consulting services are quite extensive and include several essential aspects such as assessing the business requirements and objectives, and planning suitable strategies and project plans.

We develop customized solutions so that your company can perform efficiently and improve its productivity. For a successful business operation, we also offer our expert computer maintenance service. Software updates, cleaning and maintenance of hardware components are some of the many services that we offer. The maintenance experts and technicians working with our company are available at your services to resolve any issues with troubleshooting and updating.

The computer network security solutions offered by our company are very popular among small, medium, and large businesses. The expert network administrators and consultants working with us are experienced in a variety of projects from installation of routers and firewalls, to resolving various network issues. Our advanced network security service is designed after the careful evaluation of the existing practices, network architecture, and testing. Our teams of security professionals and engineers are proficient in various areas like security assessment and intrusion detection to mention a few.